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Ixion was formed in 2006 by Ryan Meranda, who was then guitarist for Seattle math metal outfit Only Human.
Ixion was born from Ryan's recording experiments with riffs and ideas not used in his main project.
An unreleased demo of leftovers was recorded in 2006 titled "Ancient Secrets".
The name of the band came from an article about the mythical cast-out king Ixion, provided by friend Jessee Young.
There are unfortunately multiple artists that use the moniker of Ixion; including a Polish doom metal outfit. This may cause some inevitable confusion among fans. Ryan maintains his claim as the one true Ixion.
After his departure from Only Human due to creative differences, Ixion became Ryan's main project and musical focus. In 2008 the self-titled "Rust Album" dropped to some local curiosity; it was an unrefined and ambitious blend of genres that marked a creative first effort.
In 2010 "Temple of Failure" was released. Despite containing some of Ixion's most classic songs, the album was marred by poor production.
Ryan sought to redeem himself on 2014's "Strategy And Violence"; further maintaining Ixion's special blend of death and thrash, but veering away from its more progressive elements. While the album was Ryan's most solid effort to date, it received little support. The release fell shortly after the death of Ryan's first beloved pet rabbit. This marked the beginning of a very dark period for him; one in which all creative efforts ceased.
An effort to form Ixion as a live band briefly took place but also met with overwhelming difficulties and Ryan returned to a recording-only focus.
In 2022 Ixion is back with a vengeance with "Escalation of Arrogance"...  a ferocious, melodic, and progressive tour-de-force of metal that ignores trends and confidently treads its own path.

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